Editorial Comment

Hello fellow Dancers, Callers and Cuers,

A little different start I know but, this is for all of us and it relates to our Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention that will be held in Daytona this February. Throughout the United States, several of the conventions and festivals have had “introduction” to Moderns Western Square Dancing. Some have even had classes on “traditional” Square dancing, ala the old barn dances. Many of these have been very successful. Why? They were successful because of local advertising. They were successful because friends invited them to attend. They were also successful because it was a weekend of fun. People were invited not so much as to learn square dancing as they were the history and why it is fun. They got to try dancing. They got to learn several of the square dance moves. They enjoyed themselves. No one knows how many of these people will continue to Square Dance. No one knows how many will join classes or clubs. Also, no one knows how many had such a good time that they will invite their friends and neighbors to join them in a new dance or class. All of this said. Have you told anyone about the Blast Class in Daytona? I know that we call it a Blast Class, let’s just tell them that they will have a blast. We will see you all in Daytona in February!

Bill Boyd, Editor