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I keep hearing about the demise of Square Dancing and I had head in the past several reasons. Among these reasons was one that I recently heard about and when I followed up I found it to be true on many levels; club politics, club cliques, and rude club members. The actual term used was “bitchy”. The new dancers were too loud. They wanted to “whoop it up”. Our club has a lot of older people and we just don’t want to put up with that nonsense. The caller actually seemed to encourage this behavior and as a result we told him if he kept it up, we would have to find a new caller. This club folded just about five months ago and I know a caller in the area who is trying hard to get these “disenfranchised” dancers back into the activity. No luck so far. I know that in many areas we have an aging population. I also know that many of these aging dancers continue to dance and want to have fun. However there are some people in our activity who seemed destined to want to destroy it for all. New dancers want to have fun as well as learn new choreography. They should be welcomed, encouraged, and included in club activities. Look at the clubs that are growing today. They all have worked hard to bring new dancers to the activity and then supported them along the way. Ask yourself, “Would I attend a social gathering for a church, school or civic activity if I was not made to feel welcome?” We will never be able to rid activities of politics and we will always have those who seem to never say anything nice. But we can try to outnumber those individuals who want to ruin it for everyone else. From the caller to the newest dancer on the floor, create a pleasant attitude, make others around you feel welcome. If I don’t see you at CALLERLAB at least let me see you at the National Square Dance in Little Rock.

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