The International Square Dance Magazine


Recently two couples I know told me that they were in an area that had a LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) Square Dance. When I ask if they had fun, they replied that they did not go. They were not sure how they, as straight couples would be accepted. Then they added, they were not sure if the square dancing would be the same. First, square dancing is square dancing. In a LGBT club usually the dress is less formal than other clubs. The reason for this is the dance pace is usually faster, the music a little more upbeat and perhaps a little more current than you might hear at other clubs. Straight dancers are always welcome. Just as most clubs, people come to dance and have fun. Some of the customs may seem slightly different. You might see a single dancer stand up to start a square, right hand out, boy’s part; left hand out, girl’s part; both hands out, either boy or girl. One other note, if you are uncomfortable yellow rocking (hugging) someone of the same gender, just hold out your hands to shake hands. Most LGBT clubs not only dance faster, the dancers usually know all position or DBD. If you are having dance difficulties, just let the others know and they are always willing to help. These clubs, as most square dance clubs, just want to dance and have fun. Feel free to visit and they will make you feel welcome.

Are you planning any festivals, parties, conventions, or cruises? I have had this discussion in Florida amongst the five regional and one state magazine. Why do you pay to put on a festival or special event, pay outside callers, rent a hall, plan on refreshments and then only hand out flyers to your club and maybe a few other people. I see, especially in the California Magazines, special events advertised on a regular basis. If you are making the investment for a special event, ADVERTISE THE EVENT! When someone asked me if I have been to a festival or special dance (and I have never heard of the dance) and I have to ask when was it and who was the caller – something is wrong. In today’s market while I still believe in print media, at least put it on the internet, and get the word out to the dancing pubic.

Last, I just got hired to do another one night party. This one on New Year’s Eve. The only reason that I mention this is I got the job because I have my ASCAP/BMI License. When interviewing for the job, I made sure that the church knew that I was licensed and had legal music on my computer to play for their recreational dancing. I do not know how many callers and disc jockeys are being hired that are not licensed or use illegal music. I do know that after discussing this with prospective clients, the word gets back and I have been receiving more offers. Getting your license is easy and you can get it through CALLERLAB, ACA or even get it on your own. My only two requests are that you make an attempt to be legal in your business, and that you mention this each and every time you submit a bid.

Fun set to music!