The International Square Dance Magazine


It is November, a time of Thanksgiving. What do you have to be thankful for? I am about to make a few suggestions. I am thankful for the fact that Square Dancing is a worldwide activity. I am thankful that all calls are done in English. I am thankful that virtually all square dancers are positive thinking individuals. I am thankful that I can Square Dance. I am thankful for so many callers across this great Nation and around the world work to make Square Dancing fun. I am thankful for all the festivals at conventions that give us the opportunity to dance with people from different parts of the Nation and different parts of the world. I am thankful that we can dance to such a wide variety of music, from Rap to Rock and Roll, from Punk Rock to Classical and even Broadway. I forgot to mention Western. I would say that we started with Western, but we really started with the old French Quadrilles and a plethora of other Nations Dances. We put them together, used a Dance Master (now a Caller) and just like Jazz, we created something uniquely American Square Dance. I am grateful that after World War II, we taught the rest of the world to Square Dance (the reason all Calls are done in English). I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to learn to call and all of the help along the way from local and National Callers who want to perpetuate this activity. I am grateful that I am continuing to learn and grow both as a dancer and Caller. I am grateful that Square Dancing involves relations with other dancers. I am grateful that Square Dancing involves physical activity. I am grateful that Square Dancing involves thinking. I am grateful that Square Dancing requires listening. All of these things combine to help keep us healthier than if we just sat at home.

I am especially grateful for my family: my wife JoAnn, all of our children, all of our grandchildren, and yes even our great grand-children. I am thankful for this great Nation, my home, my friends and even football on thanksgiving day, so I can sleep off the large meal while pretending to watch. I hope to see all of you in Des Moines, Iowa next June for our National Square Dance Convention.

Fun set to music!