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American Square Dance, our staff and workers, wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or joyous holiday season. This is a great time of the year to enjoy the fellowship of not only our own family, but all of our special Square Dance friends. However you spend your time this season may you be blessed and have a great New Year.

Does you club allow same sexes dancing together? Someone recently posted this question on Facebook with fairly unanimous response. YES. So far I have only visited one club where this was discouraged. The reason given was that the dancers on the floor were confused when calls were delivered, they expected the opposite gender instead of the same sex. As much as I dislike saying this. I believe it is the callers fault that dancers should be confused by these arrangements. How many callers teach Square Thru with either all boys or all girls. How many teach any of the basics with different gender sequences. I know of several callers, who without teaching highly complex DBD, manage to teach several of not only Basics, but Mainstream and Plus from more than one position. I have found that if most dancers know the Basics well, both Mainstream and Plus will be easier to learn. On the subject of teaching, how many try and start classes in January after all of the Holiday breaks? One friend of mine said that this is a good idea because there are fewer dancers who are absent on vacations and at parties. I always thought starting in September was a good idea so you could invite your student dancers to all of your special square dance events surrounding the holidays. This also works if you use one of the ABC or continuous entry programs.

If there is a special dance or festival in your area, not only during this season but at any time during the year, please attend. You fellow dancers go to a lot of work and invest time and money to create State Conventions, special festivals, invite different callers to you area, all for your enjoyment. Support them and the callers and cuers that they hire. Come out and dance and have a good time dancing and fellowshipping with old and new friends. 

Fun set to music!