The International Square Dance Magazine


First this month I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during JoAnn’s illness. It will be months before the final results are completed, but we are hoping for a full recovery.

By the time this edition is published Little Rock and the National Convention will be in full swing. I do not know how many will be in attendance as the numbers always rise from the pre-registration figures. I do know this, even if the numbers are down, all in attendance will be having fun. I know that the National Conventions draw about 5,000 dancers today, about the same numbers as some of the countries previous state conventions. Now for my first request. Do not, repeat not, tell our new dancers about the good old days. Instead remind them about the fun they are having now and how much more fun it becomes as they become more familiar with the activity. Now for my second request. Remind them about how much fun it is to dance at their current program. All of this Plus, Advanced and Challenge, may not be for this dancer. I currently have four dancers in my club that really want to learn Mainstream. They have “graduated” from a club’s Mainstream program and are not comfortable with dancing this level and other dancers are encouraging them to learn Plus. These couples are continuing to learn and get comfortable with Mainstream. I want them to dance and have fun. I really wish that both of these couples had gone through the entire Mainstream classes again, ostensibly as angels, but more important to improve their own dancing. Now for my third request. Even if you are a Plus Club, if you have visitors who are Mainstream dancers, accommodate them. It will not hurt your club to dance a different program for one night. Now for my fourth request. Teach you dancers to dance to the music. One of the last dances I called was with a group of other callers. Two of those callers complemented me on my selection of music and remarked on how they could actually here the shuffle of feet during my calling segments. I believe that the activity is called square dancing not square walking. Dancing to the music keeps you fresher, and in my opinion makes it a lot more fun.

Make sure and register for the next National Convention and we will see you there!

Fun set to music!