The International Square Dance Magazine


Happy New Year from the family and staff of American Square Dance Magazine to all of our wonderful readers and friends.

I am curious to know if anyone else has tried starting classes in January as opposed to the traditional September or October. Two Florida Callers I know have tried this with some success over the past two years. Not so much as it has increased class size, but that it has reduced teaching time. Their reasoning, which seems to make sense to me, is that there are no holidays and fewer absentees for the new dancers to forget what they have learned. Without these breaks, there is less need for review and more dance and teach time.

Another teaching approach is similar to the ABC Program, or modified one night party program. Even if you have a Plus Club, or Mainstream Club, if someone walks in the door, the first and maybe the second tip, belongs to them. I was hired to help a failing club and introduced this idea last year and went from two couples to almost three squares. I might add, three squares of enthusiastic dancers. I am not sure if this is going to be the future of this club, but I donít care. The dancers have been introduced to the majority of the Mainstream calls, dance and have fun. I have always preached that Square Dancing is a recreation, and it exists now and will continue to exist as long as the dancers have fun.

Speaking of fun, how many of you are registered for the National Square Dance Convention. Check out their website for all of the interesting thing to see and do in Springfield, Massachusetts. Then forget all of that Ė just come and square and round dance. OK, there are several other thing to do including a New England Square Dance Tour, sightseeing, and historical places to visit. But let us not forget the most important part. Dancing to Callers and Cuers from all over the world.

Again, Happy and Prosperous New Year to all! May this year bring you some of the most fun and enjoyable dancing of your life!

Fun set to music!