The International Square Dance Magazine


Are you a traveling caller? Are a caller that travels? The vast majority of us fall into the second category. We are booked for an occasional festival or are a featured caller for a weekend somewhere, but most of the time we are local. So, what do I mean by the second question? As JoAnn and I travel we visit as many square dance clubs as possible. Before we go to the club, we always call and ask the dress code. Usually it can be casual for travelers, but we always go in clean, decent clothing. I mention this as we have had visitors to our clubs in Florida, where the people have spent all day at Disney or some other resort and fail to clean up before coming to a dance. When we go in, I deliberately do not wear a badge unless it is just a name tag. I always pay. I do not identify myself as a caller and only after the dance has started do I put on my Callerlab badge. Many times I have been asked if I would like to call and I always say yes. I never ask the caller if I may call a tip. It is not my place and I do not know the local customs. Recently while in Hawaii, when we called about a dance, we spoke with a Ms. Snow Jade Bunch, who not only told us what time the dance started, but came and took us to the dance and brought us back to the Hotel. The caller Shorty Long asked me if would like to call and as usual I accepted. I may never get to call in Hawaii again. All of the club member went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Shorty made sure we had fun and anytime you are in Hawaii, stop on in and dance. It does not stop there, on our way to Nationalís we visited several clubs in the New England area. Every club the callers were gracious, the dancers pleasant and a good time was had by all. The clubs you visit may only have one or two squares, they may have seven or eight, it makes no difference. Square Dancers and Callers have been and I believe always will be some of the best people on the Planet. So, as you travel (either as a dancer or a caller) stop in, visit and dance with the local clubs. It is always a treat.

A comment on the National Square Dance Convention. We had a lot of fun, I was fortunate enough to have many calling slots and all of the vendors I spoke with did quite well. One of the most outstanding features and one comment I heard from everyone was the excellent quality of the sound. One of the most difficult things about large halls is assuring that the music and voice be heard by all in any part of the hall. Congratulations to the Sound committee for an excellent job. We are now making plans to attend next years Convention in Iowa and look forward to seeing you all there. 

Fun set to music!