The International Square Dance Magazine


First once again I would like to thank everyone for your prayers, support and kind thoughts during these difficult times. Our National Square Dance Convention is behind us and it is time to start looking forward to next year.

From dancers that I talked with from this year’s convention, they had a wonderful time and all said they would return for next year’s event. I do have a request for the dancers who attended this event many years ago. Please do not talk about the “good old days with higher numbers.” For all of our dancers that currently attend these are the “good old days.”. When you are used to dancing at a club with one or two squares of even a club with 10 or more squares, this is an opportunity to dance to a variety of callers on a floor that can exceed thirty or more squares. “WOW!” From the very first time you dance on a large floor with many like minded dancers who just want to have fun. This is an experience, including the live band, youth hall, it seems like all variety of dancing, contra, squares, rounds, line, hexagon and more. All this said, encourage your fellow dancers to join us, new or experienced. All square dancers are welcomed with open arms.

My second topic is in conjunction with something I heard an experienced dancer tell a new dancer. The new dancers was told, “If you want to get better at Mainstream Dancing, learn Plus.” My contention is, if you want to get better, do more of what you are doing now. Dance Mainstream at a variety of clubs. Dance to different callers. Ask you current caller for help with any of the figures you are having problems with and they will work with you even unobtrusively during the dance. Many callers throughout the world encourage staying with the Mainstream Program for at least one year and sometimes longer before ever trying anything new. The most important thing is that square dancing is a recreation and as such, you should be having fun. Local dancing is fun, festivals are fun, conventions are fun, square and round dancing are fun. Get out and enjoy yourself! We hope to see you all next June in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Fun set to music!