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First I want to thank all of you for your prayers, cards and letter for JoAnn. According to the Doctors, it seems that her cancer is in remission. She will be doing a twice a year maintenance Chemo for the next five years. But for all practical purposes, cured and her health is on the mend.

I recently posted on Facebook that I was hired to do a one night party at a large church. What made this unique is that another local caller had offered to do the party for free (they spoke with at least four callers). One of the reasons that I got the job was that I am ASCAP/BMI licensed. Truthfully, no one had ever ask that question before. Insurance, yes. But never about licensing.  I got my license through CALLERLAB. I know other callers who got theirs through ACA, the important thing here is that it is legal to play all your purchased music. I know that if you are calling for one or two squares in your garage, it doesnít seem to make a great deal of sense to want to be legal. I guess that is just up to your type of personality and integrity. Enough said on that subject as I think that an article written here is just preaching to the choir, for want of better words.

I notice from reading many articles in different state magazines and posting online that many clubs are doing extremely well in recruiting new dancers. As always some are doing better than others. The underlying theme of the successful clubs is that the club members are doing the bulk of the work. This is a situation where almost everyone knows what must be done to attract new dancers, it is just that so few are willing to take the time and effort.

I know that the CALLERLAB Convention is a few months away, but I wonder how many dancers and callers know that you do not have to be a member to attend. There are always a variety of sessions, and there is always something of interest to all attendees. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only body that meets annually and seeks ways to improve square dancing and square dance calling. I do not write this to discourage Callers for joining other organizations. I write this because I am a firm believer in networking and continuing education.

Callers and dancers, donít forget to register for the National Square Dance Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts. Nationals are always fun! 

Fun set to music!